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The Canadian capital markets are defined by Canadian law and regulated through each Provincial Securities commissions. The Epiphany Legacy Investment Mutual Fund Trust adheres to these laws and regulations and currently operates in all Canadian Provinces & Territories, except Quebec. You might find the following references helpful:

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Investor Resources Frequently Asked Questions

    • Please feel free to contact our main office at (403) 359-8606 or utilize our contact page to connect here 
    • Yes … Units in the Legacy Investment Trust can be held in RRSP, TFSA and RRIF accounts.
    • The minimum is $2502 for Class A Units and $50,004 for Class F Units
    • Yes RRSP’s/TFSA’s etc… have GOC stipulate annual contribution maximums. Your financial advisor can help you determine yours.
    • Yes – you will need to work with your current financial institution or advisors to coordinate this activity
    • Unfortunately, the exempt marketplace and all related issuers are not well set up for monthly contributions. If this is part of an employee program or another program, we may be able to help. Please contact the Trust office at (403) 359-8606 or via email at info@legacyinvestment.ca.
    • Yes – Legacy investments are eligible to be held in registered and tax deferred accounts like RRSP, TFSA, RESP and RRIF
    • An investor can purchase Legacy directly into a RRIF account, or transfer the investment from an RRSP account into their RRIF Account. The transfer happens at the “trustee level” – Olympia Trust, Western Pacific Trust etc…. The trustee would simply shift the Legacy Units from your RRSP account to your RRIF account.
      • If you are utilizing the DRIP capability you might need to stop that feature. This can be done quickly by the trust administrator with no cost to the investor.
      • You should also consult your financial advisor regarding this question.