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Dealer Resources

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The Epiphany Legacy Investment mutual fund trust is committed to creating a productive, efficient and seamless relationships between ourselves the Dealer Representative and Exempt Market Dealers (EMD).

Below are some resources and a link that the EMD/Dealer Representatives can utilize. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this information and the relationship, please let us know.

The following Trust Companies have approved Epiphany Legacy Investment Mutual Fund Trust for acceptance into self-administered RRSP's and TFSA's, for which they act as trustee.  

For your convenience, Legacy Investment has separated the full Sub Agreement into 5 different forms based on the type of your investor to support the submission and accuracy of Sub Agreement processing.

  • The first three forms have enterable fields required for each investment type. The forms provide on what fields are necessary for each investment type. The forms are filled out electronically. Schedules and exhibits are marked as “Not Applicable” if not required.

  • The last two forms are the Sub-agreement in its entierty that you can fill out elecctronicallor print a physical copy based on your needs.

**May 2024 OM Update**

Legacy Investment is currently updating the Offering Memorandum for the latter half of May 2024. We are still accepting trades written on the Sub Agreement dated for September 12, 2023.

Once the Offering Memorandum is released, we will require all trades submitted between April 1, 2024 to May 14, 2024 to have the General Acknowledgment – 1 pager (link below) signed signifying that the investor has received and agrees with the new Offering Memorandum (this is a legal requirement). Furthermore, we will have a new Subscription Agreement out for the latter half of May and let all the Dealers when it is available.

Thank you for your patience.

  • This is the complete Legacy Sub Agreement that is printable.
  • This is the complete fillable Legacy Sub Agreement.

Dealer Resources Frequently Asked Questions

    •  info@legacyinvestment.ca (403) 359-8606. The team at the Trust will help with these questions, review the subscriptions and respond in the event of deficiencies.
    • Please refer to the Subscription Agreement above and review the following schedules and exhibits:
      • Schedule A – All subscribers must execute Schedule A to comply with the requisite investor limits in section 2.9 (2.1) of National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus Exemptions.
        • Required for ALL provinces

        • Exhibit 1 – Page 20
          •  Required for AB, NB, NS, ON and SK

        • Exhibit 2 – Page 21
          •  Required for AB, NB, NS, ON and SK

        • Schedule B – Page 23
          •  Required for AB, SK, MB, ON, NB, NS, PEI, YU, NU and NWT

        • Schedule C – Page 24
          •  Required for AB, NB, NS, ON and SK

    • Yes, the EMD’s CCO or designate (EMR) may sign the form on behalf of the EMD.
    • The full and middle name is required ASC when the  45-106F1 is completed. 
    • SIN’s are used for annual reporting of interest income to the Canada Revenue Agency.
    • Legacy Investments updates the Offering Memorandum when material changes have occurred.  
    • It is a requirement under applicable securities legislation that the subscribers be provided with the updated OM and that the subscriber re-execute the agreement to purchase the securities after receipt of that updated OM by the subscriber. 
    • Acceptable formats of the executed documents are PDF and sent by email info@legacyinvestment.ca or originals by mail or courier.
    • Electronic signatures are acceptable on all documents.
    • The investor can redeem their units any time.  The investor needs to follow the redemption guidelines outlined in the trust declaration.
    • If the investment is held at a custodian (Questrade, Olympia Trust, Compushare) the custodian will be transfer the funds as instructed on the subscription agreement.
    • For cash or direct investments, use the following procedure for the payment of subscription funds:
      • **Funds need to be wired, to Epiphany Legacy Investment Mutual Fund seven (7) business days prior to the final close. Contact the Trust office at info@legacyinvestment.ca for transfer instructions
    • Go to the Legacy Investment website legacyinvestment.ca, then click on the “Investor Resources” heading. This will  redirect you to the Investor Resource  FAQs and our partner information. Additionally clicking on “The Offering” heading you will be able to review the Offering Summary which outlines the details of the offering.
    • Go to the Legacy website legacyinvestment.ca, then click on the “The Offering” heading and then on the “Offering Summary”. This will give the Investment highlights, or ask your EMD.
    • Go to the Legacy website www.legacyinvestment.ca, then click on the “The Offering” heading. This will give you much of the information needed by your investor. 
    • Legacy is an open-end trust that spans 100 years and provides a redemption upon demand feature. There is a redemption fee for Class A Units, the redemption fee schedule is outlined below. 
      • 0 – 12 months        -9%
      • 13 to 24 months    -7%
      • 25 to 36 months    -5%
      • 37 to 48 months    -0%
    • By year 5, the redemption fee is zero.
    • The Legacy real estate team are evaluating properties on an ongoing basis, creating a pipeline of possible investment properties. This is the first step of the analysis. After the due diligence stage, the team would enter into negotiations for purchasing or move on to the next property.
    • The Legacy online portal is the Legacy website – www.legacyinvestment.ca. Legacy Investment will send the investors their statements on a quarterly basis via email. This is Legacy’s policy due to security/privacy reasons associated with hosting an investor account.
    • The Legacy real estate team will evaluate properties on an individual basis and make purchases that make sense. They will try to keep a solid balance between commercial and residential, mitigate risk and capitalize on marketplace opportunities when available.
    • Closes occur monthly, except in December and July/August. The table below outlines the upcoming closing schedule. Additional information on redemptions and payouts are located in the additional quick links under Capital Close Timeline – Redemption Request & Payout Distribution Dates.
    • If you have any questions on the timetable below please reach out to us at info@legacyinvestment.ca or (403) 359-8606


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